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Green with beauty


For those of you truly obsessed with going green you know it’s not a trend but a way of life. Once you get down with the all natural organic life you want the products you put on your body to be just as natural as the food you put in it.

So you’re going to want to visit these stores.

The Detox Market-

This store is so cool, it has so much to choose from and almost all the products have testers you can try out right in the store! Try makeup, aromatherapy products, candles, fragrances, and even some select housewares and gifts for babies and kids! You can spent a good amount of time leisurely discovery all the cool products plus the staff is super friendly and laid back. The Detox Market, 8380 Beverly Boulevard (near North Orlando Avenue); 323-782-0421.





Two of my favorite products are:

Ilia Illuminator –

H. Gillerman Organics Muscle remedy-

And the best part is these luxurious, indulgent products actually work so go on be a natural beauty!




Green line beauty- 7123 Melrose-







Also visit the Little Barn Apothecary –

The Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser is amazing! $22, available at Little Barn Apothecary

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